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You Need to Use Google BigQuery for Google Analytics/GA4 data!

Google BigQuery is a powerful tool for analyzing large datasets, including Google Analytics data. One of the main benefits of using BigQuery for Google Analytics data is its ability to handle large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. With BigQuery, you can run complex queries and perform advanced analytics without worrying about performance issues.

Additionally, BigQuery integrates seamlessly with other Google Cloud Platform tools, such as Looker (Data) Studio and Cloud Dataflow, allowing for easy data visualization and data pipeline management. Overall, using BigQuery for Google Analytics data can help organizations gain deeper insights into their data and make better-informed decisions.

OK so Google BigQuery is powerful and versatile, but the reason you NEED to use it for GA4 data is that GA4 (free/standard) will only retain Event and User data for 15 months. If you want to report and analyze with YoY (year over year) data, which is critical for the majority of businesses, then you need to use the FREE export. Once in BigQuery you truly (& privately) own the data.

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