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About InfoWave Digital Marketing and Analytics

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About Us

InfoWave is a company that specializes in assisting small and medium-sized businesses in leveraging marketing and advertising technology to accomplish their business objectives. While this may seem like a common statement to come across on an About Us page, we pride ourselves on being different.

We prioritize serving the small business market, which sets us apart from most agencies that typically focus on attracting larger clients and often sell the company. At InfoWave, our growth is based on acquiring or creating technology that yields tangible and cost-effective results, allowing us to expand our partnership with a greater number of small clients.


Lachlan Brown, the Founder of Infowave, has 20 years of experience in digital marketing and analytics. He uses his expertise to help SMB clients create and execute strategic roadmaps, maximizing ROI through marketing data and technology. Outside of work, Lachlan enjoys music, nature, and spending time with his family.

Our Mission Statement

InfoWave's mission is to achieve maximum returns for clients while utilizing minimal resources. Technology should be leveraged to automate and streamline processes for optimal efficiency, while being guided by human and business intelligence. The aim is to establish a company culture that encourages employees to work intelligently and passionately towards achieving outstanding results.

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